Jersey Shore 4×5 Comments: THE FIGHT

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Last tonight MTV treated us to a Sunday-night edition of Jersey Shore. Below you’ll find my thoughts on the episode, so only read if you’ve seen it or don’t mind spoilers!

THE FIGHT: Clever TV editing, MTV. You had the world (and definitely me) thinking that drunk, relationship Ronnie knocked out Situation. But in what was probably reality television’s most surprising twist, Situation gave himself a concussion by hitting his own head against the wall in a pre-fight rage.

They still fought though, and I declare it a tie. It appears that Ronnie got in an initial punch but as Pauly D says, he can’t punch. Situation took it and then handled Ronnie’s running tackle quite well. In fact, the only punches that really seemed to connect occurred because MTV staff were holding Situation back. At one point Situation was on top of Ronnie, too. Go Sitch! It’s not always about size.

The Aftermath: Situation shows his soft side by letting out a few tears after all the housemates go party. Sitch follows doctor’s orders and stays in the house, which means no GTL for a week. I have to say, a bro wouldn’t leave his bro the day of his release from the hospital for a night out partying.

Ronnie and Sammi: These two continually fight and get back together, but the carnage increases exponentially. And Ronnie really doesn’t seem to respect people’s property. He throws out all of the presents that he got Sammi one episode back. To be fair, Sammi is an annoying brat. The two just need to break up permanently. But then I suppose the show would lose half it’s drama.

Kudos: I have to give Kudos to J-Wow. Her maturity continues to increase and she really shows off how she keeps the house together when she counsels both Ronnie and Sammi separately.

Other great moments: Vinnie tells Ronnie the truth about his destructive relationship and Pauly D gets into a minor altercation at a club.